Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ernest Hilbert: Sunrise with Sea Monsters

Ernest Hilbert has a new book coming out.

I previously reviewed his first one, Sixty Sonnets.

Literary Magnet will be starting off with some of his poems from All of You on the Good Earth. We'll finish off with a review.

Here's the first poem:

Sunrise with Sea Monsters

For Ray Harryhausen

“Huge Octopus Topples the Golden Gate!”
The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms skulks
Ashore, hearing a foghorn, lonely for friends.
Nessie slips from the Loch to seize a mate.
Swarming tentacles haul great, breathing hulks
From frozen deeps to clutch prey, then descend.
The clumsy frogman from the Black Lagoon
Gazes, glistening, from the giant sail
Of the drive-in screen at nestled, flinching teens—
But these Things don’t belong here and soon
Slink from secured soil, sink in a cold whirl,
Beaten back by ray guns, germs, and Marines.
Sea birds, drunken on guts, hover over
Churned seas, watching for the next poor monster.

(Originally appeared in Scythe)

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