Thursday, February 21, 2013

Keri Mezo: Frazetta

Keri Mezo is fierce. Carving out her verse in the empty watches of the night, she bends the pop into the profound. Here is one of her poems:

I want to wrap you in words
the way you wrap the white spaces
in vibrant colors that jump
into multidimensionality
at the guidance of your focused tongue
between your lips or
the precision of paint splatters
on fingertips.

I want to configure these thin black lines to match
the muscular curve of shoulders
that flex and knot under such concentration;
as if your directed intensity of gaze
could see into the bold lines and shadows.

The spotlight of attention is intense, indeed.

Intense, the way that respect raises hairs on my arms,
the way that curves of fertile hips
birth echoes of smiling lips.

It is intense when a subject that I have studied,
transfixed and starstruck
by the beauty of differently configured atoms--
the very glowing center of a forming constellation
slowly and heavily drawing in all of the heavenly bodies--

turns to affix an equal gaze upon my shell-shocked face.

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